The Land of Drogon

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The Land of Drogon is a Multi-User Adventure Game. Some people call these MUDs (For Multi-User Dungeons/Death/Domain), but Drogon is more than that.

You can find The Land of Drogon by using telnet to connect to, port 6123 (Or if you can't wait, just click HERE)

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The Land of Drogon is an adventure game. A place where you can do battles with great monsters, a place full of treasure to find, traps to avoid and tasks and puzzles to solve!

Sign in the Void
The Sign in the Swirling Void

It's also a place to hang out and meet other people with similar interests. Remember that these people are REAL people who may be sitting next to you, or may be on the other side of the world! Remember this when you say good morning to them, as it may be their bed-time!


The aim of the game

The aim of the game (if there is one) is to become a witch or wizard. There are a many levels from wanderer to witch or wizard. At every level, either the gods of Drogon, the Dungeon Master or an existing witch or wizard will give you a task to complete before you can progress to the next level.

There are 2 witch (or wizard) levels. The first level is a simple safety guard level to stop you instantly going power crazy and upsetting the game for others - you can normally be expected to be promoted to full witch or wizard status within a week of becoming an apprentice witch or wizard.

There is a level higher than witch or wizard and thats Arch witch or Arch wizard. Arch witches and wizards play more of an admin role within the game - be good to them else they might smite ye down with a mere bat of their eyelid...

It's possible to build your own little area within the game. This will never become part of the play-area of the game, but may be used if you wish to use the game as a mere chatting and meeting place. You will have to play the game to a certain level before you will be allowed to build your own rooms and create your own objects. At present coding within the game is tightly controlled and you must never expect your area to become part of the game play proper.

More information

The current active arch wizards are Borogove, Drizzle, Sarah and Frewq.

If you see them of your travels, be nice to them or be prepared to be turned into a toad!

Still interested? Good. You can find the Land of Drogon by telnetting to, port 6123. (Or, if you can't wait, just click HERE)

I'm Gordon the Creator of Drogon (although I feel like a janitor at times!) If you see me, say hello and ask me for a tartan jelly baby!